I have officially become that gal who never goes to the mall. I hardly ever (like, EVER) go to the mall anymore & almost all of my purchases come from boutiques or online. Online because who doesn’t like presents when they get home (LOL!), and boutiques because let’s face it- the options are just better. Better quality, more uniqueness and way better items. Hence why I was in Rice Village last week grabbing some spring must-haves. Trends change, as they always will- but boutiques carry more than “trendy” items. One of my favorite stores I love to visit in Rice,  Hemline, just got some of their new arrivals in and I am obsessed. I had such a hard time deciding what to get this time, which is pretty common for me anyways!

From dresses to the cutest shorts to the tops- all of the new arrivals are fab! I especially loved all of their new accessories they have currently, including some fun clutches. I’ve never liked clutches much, as I love carrying lots of stuff. This little one I found was the perfect balance of neutral and bright colors & I just had to have it! I also loved the weekender that I found- as again, I love my random pops of color. This one was huge- so perfect for someone on the go, and great for spring.

There’s also lots of fun dresses and some good accessories! I especially loved all of their necklaces as their assortment was really good! I’m normally pretty simple, so I don’t buy lots of jewelry, but these were all fab! I really liked the smaller ones- they were perfect for layering! Needless to say, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by Hemline in the past couple of weeks- I strongly suggest you go soon. You won’t be sorry!

Until Next Time!