We’re going cray-cray for Yoyo’s Hotdogs! If you haven’t tried these franks yet, listen up!

Brothers YoYo and JonJon have created a pop-up hot dog stand that has found its way into the hearts of the community.

What makes these dogs so special you ask? Besides being named one of the 50 Best Restaurants in America, this stand creates some of the most unique dogs in town. With toppings such as cream cheese, spicy mustard, curry ketchup, honey mayo and grilled onions, you’re in luck for a greasy good time! There’s no other stand like this in Houston and this is definitely one to add to your dining out list! Even better? They’re open late night too! Whether it’s a work day with 30 minutes to spare or you want to end a night out on the town with some awesome grub, Yoyo’s is the place to go! Find the YoYo’s cart across from Hopdoddy, grab a dog and keep comin’ back for more!

Check out this video to see why people are raving about this stand!

Until next week!

-Rice Village District