If you are like me and work in the field (meaning not in an office or inside a building) or you are someone that goes out every day for lunch, then you are most likely always on the lookout for good lunch spots. For some that means somewhere that offers daily lunch specials, for others, it’s special lunch priced menu with smaller portions. Well, D’Amico’s Italian Market Cafe has all that covered! They are part Italian deli and imported food market, and also a full service and to go restaurant. For over 20 years the D’Amico family has been serving up Northern and Southern Sicilian cuisine in Rice Village.

For those looking for daily lunch specials, you will fall in love! Monday thru Friday from 11am-2pm they have a large selection of dishes to choose from on their steam table (the menu is updated weekly). You can pick any 3 items for your dining pleasure! The week I visited they had dishes like pasta with crawfish, chicken lasagna, and minestrone.

Wild Mushroom & Walnut Tortellini

Meat Lasagna

And if you are just wanting something from the menu but a smaller lunch portion, that is available as well! Each day they offer a lunch portion favorite, like their signature and crowd favorite Crawfish Ravioli(homemade pasta stuffed with crawfish, poblano peppers, green onion, garlic, ricotta cheese and romano cheese in a creama rosa sauce), with a house or caesar salad. A few of the dishes offered are also my favorites at D’Amico’s as well,  see the pics above.

Insider tip…if you like mussels you don’t want to miss these in lemon butter or marinara sauce!

Steamed Mussels In Lemon Butter Sauce