There’s nothing I love more than a store that has unique pieces & things that I can’t find in other places! I love shopping at a place that I know whenever I purchase something, I am getting something that isn’t seen on a regular basis. Hence, this is why I have always told my colleagues that Lily Rain is the best store to buy things for yourself, as well as gifts for other from! Although I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.

Lily Rain is one of my favs for many reasons! One of the many things I love about this store is that they have amazing jewelry! From their beyond fab long pendant necklaces to their statement earrings- if you’re into jewelry, this is for sure the place to go. I love how there’s an amazing assortment of pieces, as well as how all the items are unique. For example, I love how the brands are all so different & none are the same. During my last trip there, I fell in LOVE with this necklace with a quote by Maya Angelou & for sure have been telling myself I need to go back & buy it.

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” -Maya Angelou

Another thing I love about this store is that they carry all of my brand go-to’s. From Kate Spade to Paige denim, since the brands are so popular- I know ahead of time that I’m buying high-quality items. I love how this store is my one stop shop- I can pick up a new outfit for the night, a present for a friend, or a quick gift to myself! Either way, if you haven’t been to Lily Rain in Rice Village- you for sure need to go!

P.S- Did I even mention how they have fab home decor!? I for one am a candle/pillow hoarder & just can’t stop buying these. Lily has again some amazing ones, and some items I just can’t say no to when I see them. Again- end of story- this store is fab & you need to go! Be sure to head over to Lily Rain’s insta for all the deets on their new product!

Until Next Time!