I’m sure by now that it’s more than obvious that Rice Village is one my favorite go-to places to shop! Nonetheless, there are some stores that I frequent more than others, one of them being Grace Anna’s. I love this store- not only is it huge- but they have tons of stuff ranging from kitchen towels with super cute quotes, to the most comfy socks ever. In addition, the store is full of fab clothes perfect for grabbing a last-minute outfit! I have tried many times to leave this store without buying anything- but always fail. This time, I just had to grab these cute little “Hello Summer” cups that were less than $15!

Can we talk about their clothes for a second? As stated before, I have come here so many times for a quick outfit! By quick I mean a dress, a romper, or a cute pair of shirts! I am always able to find something far from ordinary and love how they have so much print! Being a neutral gal, this store always makes my buy stuff I otherwise wouldn’t. I bought the shorts photoed above recently (in addition to the cups, lol), and can’t wait to wear them again! The print is neutral enough to match other colors, but can also be kept simple with minimal accessories!

Grace Anna’s is obviously a one-stop shop for many reasons- as I’ve clearly explained (ha!). If you’re in the Rice Village area (Houston, of course!), I strongly suggest you make a pit stop by there soon! You could either leave out with a beach bag, a coffee mug, a new wardrobe- or anything in between. Either way, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until Next Time!