Being a mostly boutique shopper, I can say I for one have been totally impressed with Urban Outfitters lately. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven”t always been an “Urban Gal”- I’ve always loved their quirky home stuff and that’s been about it. I recently stopped by the Urban in Rice Village & was beyond pleasantly surprised. I wanted more things than I needed & took home way more than I had planned!


I have always loved Urban’s home items, so those, of course, were expected to be fab. What I wasn’t expecting to find though was some actually great perfume. I’m super picky about scents and only like clean/fresh smells- but totally fell in love with the ones I saw when I first walked in. I also was really impressed with how much their beauty section had grown! Like- a whole vanity set up just to sit and look at products- what more could you ask for?! All jokes aside, I am now a superfan of the face masks that I picked up and will be going back to get more.

Can’t forget about their dresses & rompers (which I think are still on sale!). I snagged this one up (Last XS- YAY! and a few others. The prints are perfect for summer and the quality is great. The perfect combo of “Comfy Cute”- just what I love! I also was a fan of their separates- their shorts are to die for and also come in fun, bright colors.

My point is this: if you’re anything like me, you need to go to Urban soon! Be sure to give yourself lots of time as there is, tons to look at. & if you’re in Houston, the Rice Village location should be the one to check out! Whether it be you need a new outfit for the weekend or just want some new candles- this is one chain store that won’t let you down.

Until next time!