So excited to be partnering with Ann Taylor and the Rice Village District to share this look! I’ve absolutely become obsessed with a good blazer and shorts combo so this outfit is right on key. Wearing a blazer with shorts can be a really easy look to pull off as long as you have the right type of blazer. Like this one by Ann Taylor, I seriously can’t think of a more perfect white linen blazer for summer. The style is just right because it’s really fitted at the top and has a slight flare at the bottom.

I added a graphic tee to jazz it up a bit, but I also think this blazer with shorts combo would look just as cute with a simple black tee. I just love how adding a light layer like with a blazer brings just the right amount of sophistication for days you want to be a little more dressed up. It’s that perfect in between dressy and casual look, which is always try to aim for when getting ready.

Thanks so much for reading!