If you are like me and work in the field (meaning not in an office or inside a building) or you are someone that goes out every day for lunch, then you are most likely always on the lookout for good lunch spots. For some that means somewhere that offers daily lunch specials, for others, it’s special lunch priced menu with smaller portions. Well, D’Amico’s Italian Market Cafe has all that covered! They are part Italian deli and imported food market, and also a full service and to go restaurant. For over 20 years the D’Amico family has been serving up Northern and Southern Sicilian cuisine in Rice Village.

For those looking for daily lunch specials, you will fall in love! Monday thru Friday from 11am-2pm they have a large selection of dishes to choose from on their steam table (the menu is updated weekly). You can pick any 3 items for your dining pleasure! The week I visited they had dishes like pasta with crawfish, chicken lasagna, and minestrone.

Wild Mushroom & Walnut Tortellini

Meat Lasagna

And if you are just wanting something from the menu but a smaller lunch portion, that is available as well! Each day they offer a lunch portion favorite, like their signature and crowd favorite Crawfish Ravioli(homemade pasta stuffed with crawfish, poblano peppers, green onion, garlic, ricotta cheese and romano cheese in a creama rosa sauce), with a house or caesar salad. A few of the dishes offered are also my favorites at D’Amico’s as well,  see the pics above.

Insider tip…if you like mussels you don’t want to miss these in lemon butter or marinara sauce!

Steamed Mussels In Lemon Butter Sauce

You could spend an hour inside British Isles perusing down the aisles and that still wouldn’t be enough time. After one visit, I had already determined that a second (and most likely a third) trip was surely required. Filled with thousands of products focused on British and Ireland merchandise, much of what British Isles sells is sourced directly from the UK.

They carry quite the selection of goodies ranging from chutneys, jams, and marmalades, everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea, collectibles made from glass, porcelain, and I can’t forget their beautiful crystal pieces. There is an entire room dedicated to children’s gifts and my favorite part of the store had to be the coffee mugs and their wonderful mixture of modern, classic, and formal dinnerware.

Just to give you a little peek into what British Isles offers, I wanted to share a “few” things I have my eye on. There is no wonder they have been in business since 1993. This neighborhood shop is a gem by all definitions:

There is just something about a coffee mug that gets me all excited! I’ve been collecting coffee cups for a while now and British Isles has a ton of them. What I love the most is the variety of the mugs they offer. Not only do they vary in size, but the designs are expansive as well. If you want your coffee mug to show off your favorite pet or to wake you up with a word of advice, look no further than British Isles.

When it comes to tea, British Isles has every-single-thing you would ever want and need; and we’re not just talking tea bags. This shop is ideal when gift shopping for any special occasion if you have a tea enthusiast in your life. Teapots, tea kettles, tea sets, and teacups are all ready and waiting for your next tea time. I’m not personally a tea drinker, but I can’t wait to share this tea haven with the tea lovers in my life.

A shop of this nature wouldn’t be complete without a section that caters to the interior designer in all of us. I fell head over heels for their fine China and tableware sets. This is the type of tableware that will force you to completely redesign your dining room! I tend to go for the more modern styles, but there is something to be said about traditional options. It’s by far a perfect stop when selecting a wedding or anniversary gift.

And they have the cutest toys, gifts, and books for children! There are so many more things I want to share but I figured I have enticed you enough. British Isles is now my go to shop when I want to say thank you to myself or say happy birthday to someone else. Just keep me away from the candy aisle!

-Shanna and Felice, Urban Swank

TGIF loves! Today I’m sharing 3 of my current beauty favorites from Bluemercury in Rice Village! Admittedly I’m not a beauty guru, but I do try to stay on top of what’s the latest and greatest in skincare and makeup. One thing I absolutely cannot live without is a good SPF for my face, so this radiance primer by NARS is a new favorite of mine! It’s SPF 35, which is great for me because I live in a state where the sun never stops shining!

Another current favorite is this NARS blush in shade Mata Hari. I’m obsessed with this blush! I can’t tell you how many people ask me about my blush when I’m wearing this stuff! Also, it stays on really well, which is uncommon with any blush. I have oily skin too so that doesn’t help me out much either.

Oily skin is one of the reasons I hate heavy foundations! I like to wear a light foundation that doesn’t have that makeup feel to it. This skin weightless powder foundation by Bobbi Brown is amazing for that reason. It provides the coverage that I need, without feeling like I have anything on. It’s super quick to apply, and goes on evenly since it’s a powder.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


I seriously cannot get enough of off the shoulder tops this summer! Especially if you add in ruffles, I’m pretty much a done deal with that combo! I scooped up this white off the shoulder top from White House Black Market in the Rice Village shopping center last week and couldn’t wait to wear it! It’s one of those tops you’ll reach for over and over again because it’s so flattering. Also, you can never have enough white tops (or ruffles) in your wardrobe, am I right ladies?

I also had to have these embroidered Superga sneakers upon laying eyes on them! I’ve been dying over the Gucci embroidered sneakers every time I see them pop up on my insta, so these are a great intro to see how often I will actually wear them. Embroidered details are literally everything right now, and adding pops of it with your accessories is always a good idea!

In other news, Alex and I are taking off to London next week! It’s my first time in the city (minus a short airport visit) so I’m excited to finally explore. Alex will be working during the day majority of the trip, but we will have evenings together. I’m currently looking for restaurant suggestions, so if you have any please leave them in the comments below!

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Happy Monday loves! Sharing another look from my continued collaboration with the Rice Village shopping Center today. I’ve always been a huge Elaine Turner fan, and I especially love her accessories! Like this neutral sneaker in suede, it’s the perfect spring/summer sneaker. So today I’ll be sharing 3 reasons why you need a neutral sneaker in your wardrobe.

They go with everything

 In fact, they are the most versatile pair of shoes that I own. Even if you fancy wearing bright colors, a neutral sneaker is a must because you’ll never have to worry about clashing. Like today’s outfit, the neutral sneaker allowed the focal point to be on my dress, and jacket.

They elongate your legs

Both of my hands are up on this one, because I need all the help I can get in this department! And what girl doesn’t want the illusion of having longer legs? Neutral colored shoes also have a slimming effect, which is why it’s my preferred shoe color. Majority of my outfits are worn with a neutral colored shoe for that reason alone!

They make getting ready a breeze

The more pieces you own that are versatile and work with many different color combinations, the easier getting ready each day will be. I can’t tell you how often I grab for these neutral sneakers! Having key items that intermix and go well with everything has definitely helped me with getting ready and out the door on time.

If you don’t already have a go-to neutral sneaker in your closet, consider this your formal invitation to grab a pair! So will you be adding a neutral colored sneaker into your spring/summer wardrobe? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Hump day babes! Literally counting down the seconds until we head to Italy this Friday! We are flying directly to Milan and then hopping on a train to Cinque Terre for the weekend and I cannot wait! However, my husband has informed me that I can only bring a carry on so things will be tight, haha! I’ve had quite a few international trips this year already, so I think I’m finally getting the hang of packing light. Wish me luck!

In other news, I snagged some new jewels from Kendra Scott in the Rice Village Shopping Center recently, so I’m really happy to share. I’ve always been a huge Kendra Scott fan, so when I saw these two bracelets I knew I had to have them. I love how easily you can layer and mix in with pieces you already have. I’ll definitely be packing them along with me to Italy later this week.

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Happy hump day babes! Pool weather has finally arrived here in Texas, and I’m predicting an extremely warm summer since we barely had a winter at all. Which means lots of days spent by the pool prematurely aging! Just kidding haha! Honestly, I’m usually the most covered up person on the planet when I’m out by the pool. I’ve got my hat, cover up, and I always try to put something over my chest and face to avoid getting too much sun. This, of course, includes lots of sunblock!

Speaking of pool attire, I’ve been hunting endlessly for the perfect little black one-piece swimsuit, and I finally found my match from Everything But Water. You would think not a whole lot of effort would go into buying a black one piece but trust me, this is like number gazillion that I’ve tried on and actually loved! The material is thick enough and actually clings to your skin (a lot of one-pieces I’ve noticed are flimsy material and not very flattering).

Also how amazing is this cover up by FP? It also doubles as a cute maxi card to wear with cutoffs along with a one-piece suit (or even a tank top for a casual look). I’m going to try to style it again for another blog post to show how versatile it can be!

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So excited to be partnering with Ann Taylor and the Rice Village District to share this look! I’ve absolutely become obsessed with a good blazer and shorts combo so this outfit is right on key. Wearing a blazer with shorts can be a really easy look to pull off as long as you have the right type of blazer. Like this one by Ann Taylor, I seriously can’t think of a more perfect white linen blazer for summer. The style is just right because it’s really fitted at the top and has a slight flare at the bottom.

I added a graphic tee to jazz it up a bit, but I also think this blazer with shorts combo would look just as cute with a simple black tee. I just love how adding a light layer like with a blazer brings just the right amount of sophistication for days you want to be a little more dressed up. It’s that perfect in between dressy and casual look, which is always try to aim for when getting ready.

Thanks so much for reading!


Being a mostly boutique shopper, I can say I for one have been totally impressed with Urban Outfitters lately. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven”t always been an “Urban Gal”- I’ve always loved their quirky home stuff and that’s been about it. I recently stopped by the Urban in Rice Village & was beyond pleasantly surprised. I wanted more things than I needed & took home way more than I had planned!


I have always loved Urban’s home items, so those, of course, were expected to be fab. What I wasn’t expecting to find though was some actually great perfume. I’m super picky about scents and only like clean/fresh smells- but totally fell in love with the ones I saw when I first walked in. I also was really impressed with how much their beauty section had grown! Like- a whole vanity set up just to sit and look at products- what more could you ask for?! All jokes aside, I am now a superfan of the face masks that I picked up and will be going back to get more.

Can’t forget about their dresses & rompers (which I think are still on sale!). I snagged this one up (Last XS- YAY! and a few others. The prints are perfect for summer and the quality is great. The perfect combo of “Comfy Cute”- just what I love! I also was a fan of their separates- their shorts are to die for and also come in fun, bright colors.

My point is this: if you’re anything like me, you need to go to Urban soon! Be sure to give yourself lots of time as there is, tons to look at. & if you’re in Houston, the Rice Village location should be the one to check out! Whether it be you need a new outfit for the weekend or just want some new candles- this is one chain store that won’t let you down.

Until next time!


Whether you have a beach vacation approaching or a trip to your backyard pool, we’ve got you covered (literally and figuratively!). Check out our summer essentials that we handpicked from our Rice Village retailers!

  1. Stay hydrated when the sun is out with this S’well bottle from Athleta.
  2. This Houston girl boss’s line at Sephora is not only adorable but protects you from sun damage! Pick up a tube of Drunk Elephant tinted moisturizer at our store!
  3. Ooh la la! This floral ruffle bikini from Banana Republic is perfect for your next pool day!
  4. These woven adjustable sandals from Everything But Water is essential for those long walks on the beach.
  5. Chicos has got you covered (or at least your eyes covered) with tortoise shell sunnies.
  6. Your pool day isn’t complete without an accessory. Lily Rain has an assortment of floats, including this flamingo that is adorable!